Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hit by a Car

Today, I took a trip by car to return my keg/tap, get a new mount for my bike headlight (replaced free of charge by the good fellas at University them at 222-1665), and pick up some eggs to make tortilla española. When I got home, I went to put my new headlight (he just gave me a whole new package) on the new mount on my bike. The light was broken. Brand new out of the package. WTF?

So, I decide to get on my bike and ride down there. On the way down Ocala, dude's inching out of the shopping center on the corner of TN and there's oncoming traffic blocking his exit. I cross in front of him. He decides to go with me still in front of him. Hit my bike's rear end, I thought it hit the frame and it nudged a bit of my left calf muscle. The fucker didn't even stop! Luckily, I wasn't hurt. Got back on my bike and rode to the bike shop. Got a new headlight (for some reason, my old one wasn't working was weird).

If I think that there's a chance that a driver might not see me or might pull out as I'm trying to cross paths, I'll usually go behind them like I do when I'm running. I really thought I'd be fine crossing. See whatcha get for thinkin'? Lucky for me it was super-low-speed and all that got hurt was the rack on the back of my bike (which John @ University Cycles bent back into shape for me).

Watch out for drivers. Always wear a helmet.
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