Saturday, September 29, 2007

Triathlon Club

So, I officially joined the FSU triathlon club. They have a workout every day (actually 2 on Wednesdays). There's something like 70 members (I think). They do a service project every semester. I'm going to say (without proof) that they're the most active club on campus...I mean, who else convenes daily (even on weekends)?

They put together a training schedule to get as many people as possible to go to collegiate nationals this year. When you show up to a workout, there's an officer there who usually has some sort of structure for that day. For me it's nice for swimming since I have no idea what I'm doing. It's also helpful to have somebody next to you to push you to go faster.

The club is going to subsidize race entry fees in order to encourage people to race! I'm doing the Emerald Coast sprint triathlon with them on October 13 in Panama City. Should be a good time. Hopefully I'll have a little bit of speed in my step for the run...hard to do when you're training for a marathon.

Tomorrow, we're going to bike to Wakulla Springs from the St. Marks trailhead, then do an open water swim. Pretty sweet. It's interesting how easy it has been for me to adapt to multi-sport from my running background. After I bought the bike, the rest just fell into place. The other members of the triathlon club (I call it "the team" even though it's not technically a team) have been good motivation and I hope that I will reciprocate some of that back toward them. It is nice to have a team again.
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