Monday, October 12, 2009

Scheduled Maintenance

I just hit 150,000 miles on my odometer on the way to Carmen's place this past trip. I wanted to look in my owner's manual and see what kind of maintenance I'm supposed to perform at this point. Unfortunately, my owner's manual only goes up to 120,000 miles. All I've been able to find is that I should change the transmission filter. D says that I should just take it in to a shop and pay for them to do it. He takes his truck in for transmission filters. That'd probably be better than me messing it up anyway.

I wonder why the manual's maintenance recommendations stop at 120,000 they not expect the car to last longer than that? I hope not...that's a bad signal. If I made a car, I'd schedule maintenance all the way through 300,000 miles...that way you'd know when you got the car that the manufacturer thought (or wanted you to think that he thought) the car would last that long.
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