Thursday, October 1, 2009

Buffalo Burger & Local Beer

Last time I came to visit Carmen in Bloomington, we went to the Upland Brewery almost every day (just a couple blocks from her house). They have a restaurant attached to their brewery and AMAZING beer. I've never been a beer snob, but I've got to say that beer's been ruined for me for the past month without Upland.

I've been wanting to try a buffalo burger for quite some time now. When we first went to the Upland, I was debating over a few menu items until I saw the bison burger and I ordered it. Tasty. I need to eat more of these guys. I mean, eating cows is alright because I don't like them. Cows are jerks. I've never met a buffalo, but they definitely look cooler. They're supposed to be better for you. And they go well with local beer.

I'm in Bloomington now and I'll surely have a bison/beer meal at the Upland before leaving.
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