Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Going to Clermont

I'm leaving tomorrow to go to Clermont for the Great Floridian iron distance triathlon (Ironman is a brand name). I think I'm ready to go physically and mentally. I still need to pack, though. I'm going to meet up with Becky Richter and Andrea Gaga/Case. I'm staying tomorrow night with Erica from the FSU tri team and I should see Buddy from Vero. My parents are coming on Friday (which happens to be their anniversary). I'll have lots of support out there.

I don't often get the impression that something will be a milestone in my life. I think the Tallahassee Marathon back in February was the last one and before that maybe college graduation. I know that getting my PhD will be one, but this race will mark an accomplishment in my life. I'm looking forward to having it under my belt. Hopefully the process will be enjoyable too.
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