Monday, September 28, 2009

An Eventful 22 Hours

OK, so if I didn't get a chance to tell you, here's some of the stuff that happened in the past 22 hours:

I was supposed to go biking with Logan (and maybe Javi) at 8:15am. I went to bed around 2. My home phone rang about 3:45 and a troubled friend needed to stop by. Ended up sleeping on the couch. I ended up dropping the Growler jug (1/2 gallon, heavy glass bottle with lid) on my floor, spilling about a quart of water and breaking the glass. I was vacuuming at 4 something am. Got the floor fan blowing on the carpet and it was pretty dry when I got up. I couldn't fall back asleep until after 5. Got up at 7:30 to get ready to cycle. My cell rang as I was about to leave the house with Logan telling me his chain popped and he can't ride. I went back to bed until 11.

Got up, ate again, hopped on my bike before noon. Went to Havana looking for hills that I rode there about a year ago. Couldn't find them. Rode Havana to Shady Rest Rd to some road that spit me out on US-90, almost got hit by a Chevy Silverado, to Quincy, to Faceville (GA) to Attapulgus (GA) toward Quincy, hit a cutoff to Havana, and back to Tally. Came home and ran 4 miles at a good clip (about 7:37 pace). Showered, ate, ordered Decent Pizza to go, picked it up, running into The Sarah Mac (and chatted it up for a minute or 2) at Decent while I was waiting for my order to get ready, watched Dexter at Alex et. al.'s house, back home, changed pedals on my road bike, finished the pizza (took some effort), then packed up a little.

More on the Silverado: I'm going W down US-90 when a truck at a stop sign on a side road starts pulling out. Normally they stop and let me pass. This one wasn't stopping and I had to jam my brakes and slide to the left a little. I thought the driver was laughing at what she just did. Minutes before that, I was passed very close by an asshole in a white car and I decided that I was unhappy with motorists. I looked at the truck's license plate # and called *FHP. I gave them the make/model/color/license plate of the truck before I see the truck whipping a U-turn to come back my way. I think the driver's upset that I'm on the phone and coming back to do bad things to me. There were guardrails where I was, so I took myself and bike behind the guardrail. My cell dropped the call. I quickly redialed. Turns out that the driver wanted to apologize. I told the FHP not to worry.
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