Monday, September 14, 2009

Beach Blast Triathlon Recap

It looks like I did better than I thought. Actually won my age group. Results at Let me also mention that I didn't sleep at all on Friday night and I don't know why. Furthermore I guess I didn't eat enough because I was pretty hungry when the race started.

Race recap:
Swim: started way behind schedule. Not good for my hunger. It was getting cold outside the water. The Gulf was pretty warm, though. We swam clockwise and Doug told me later that counter-clockwise would have been much faster due to a rip current. I had some people up in my personal space and gave one person a knee in the side. I stayed pretty well on course.

T1: Everything was helmet was half full of water. I didn't wear my sunglasses. Forgot to grab granola bar to eat on bike.

Bike: Ended up taking my gel before the turn around instead of near the finish, like I had planned. At times there were wind gusts that made my bike a little hard to handle with the Blackwell 100mm front wheel. There was an insane head wind going down the bridge over the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway on FL-386 on the way out. I had to downshift on the downhill! I didn't get a very strong climb up that bridge either. The roads were all wet and I was trying not to run anything over. I guess I failed at that...found out at the end of the race that I got a flat tire...on the Blackwell...freaking tubular tires...I don't like 'em. It happened near the end of the bike course. I heard the brakes start to rub the rim and wasn't sure why. Now I know. I rode it in to T2 on a low pressure tire.

T2: yummy wet socks for the run. No visor needed. Still left the sunglasses. and a 10 second mess up: left my race number belt on the ground. Had to turn around halfway through transition to go back and get it! What a rookie mistake!

Run: had to eat granola bar on the run...not as easy as on bike. Ran around 7:11 pace for the first few. Guess I got a little faster after the food kicked in. Nobody passed me, but I didn't feel fast. I ran about 10 seconds faster than last year.
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