Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Internet Dependence

I live in a world where I need the internet. It keeps me connected with people who are not close enough to me to have my phone number. You know, stuff for school's on there. I might not have the recipe for something I want to make for dinner. I have an online to do list. Email is a huge one. Facebook's taken on a more dominant role in my internet activity in the past couple months. Without the internet, how can I keep up on information with minimal effort?

Anyway, all this summer travelling might leave me without access to the internet for days at a time. So, blog posts may be thin until the end of June. Picks of the week should be taken care of.

I think that to fix this issue of needing internet, I am going to make my next phone one of those smart phones that all the cool people have. I'll have access to everything on my phone. Respond to emails even when away from my computer. Watch youtube videos wherever I am. Sweet. It will be a big upgrade from my current phone, but I think I'm ready for that technological leap.
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