Friday, February 13, 2009

Rudy Project Zyon Review

I found a pretty comprehensive review at Outside's website. On top of that, here's some of my experiences with the Photopolarized ImpactX lenses in black frames:

I got my Zyons last August. What I didn't see on the website is that they come with a hard- and a soft-case. The hard case has compartments to hold the side shields. The side shields do a great job of keeping debris out of your eyes on a bike ride.

My Zyons are the first glasses I've had with transitions lenses. It's really nice if you're going on a run about an hour before sunset because the lenses will darken when the sun's in your eyes then lighten so you can still see without having to put them on your head. As for the "transition" property of the lenses, it's pretty fast. The only time you notice it is if you go from dark inside to extremely bright outside (Florida summer midday), then there's about a 3-4 second window when the lenses are darkening that you have to squint a little bit. Other than that, they're perfect at adjusting to lighting conditions. Before I got these glasses, I was used to wearing mirrored lenses and I had to get used to the fact that people can see your eyes through these lenses.

The adjustable nose piece and temples keep the glasses secure no matter what you're doing. You could probably wear these into and out of the pit at a Deftones concert if you made the right adjustments first. They've comfortably stayed on my head while jet skiing and on rollercoasters.

As for the 96% polarization, it's awesome to be able to read screens. I haven't had a problem with computer monitors, alarm clocks, watches, GPS, or anything else while wearing these glasses.

One drawback is that I was used to wearing Oakley Minutes which have a much smaller lens. When I first started wearing the Zyons, I would make my nostril hit the frame when I was scratching my nose from the bottom. I guess I've adapted to that now because I don't have any more problems.

One nice non-sports advantage is that I can wear my prescription eyeglasses between my eyeballs and the Zyon lenses by adjusting the nosepiece and sitting the Zyons farther away from my eyes. This is very nice for driving, but I'd never work out like that. I guess if I had a bad enough prescription, I'd just get Rx lenses put straight in the Rudys.

Overall, the price is a little high, but they're good quality glasses that you could wear every day for the next 6 years (or so it seems right now) without problem. Rudy Project has an incredible warranty system which covers the frame for 3 years and the lenses for life. I say invest the extra money and go for quality eyewear like the Zyon.
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