Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Remember the Milk

Rememberthemilk.com is an online to-do list. Accounts are free. You can make different lists (e.g. Personal, work, study, money, girls, etc) and it gives you lots of options for each task. I just started using it last week and I'm still figuring stuff out. It's really smart. For instance, I clicked "due date" for a task and typed in "tue" and it filled out "Tuesday, February 17th, 2009." Amazing. "Tomorrow" does what you'd expect it to, as does "10pm" and "next wed." You can generate notes about a task (e.g. Date. Saturday, 9pm...the note could be the address...or the girl's name).

Here's part of the stuff you can edit about a task:
Due: never
Repeat: never
Time estimate: none
Tags: none
Location: none
URL: none
Postponed: 0 times
Shared with: no one
Notes: 0

You can also prioritize tasks, view tasks due today or due this week. There are features where it can remind you via email that you have a task about to become due. There's something about emailing yourself and it will automatically generate a task for that activivty.

Maybe this will make it easier to keep track of to do lists. I guess you could make a grocery list...I'ma do that right now... Usually to do lists get buried on my desk under other to do lists and notes to myself on scrap paper. I could be more productive??
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