Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brown's Home Kitchen Center

I found the coolest store yesterday. Brown's Home Kitchen Center is a completely awesome shop with anything you could want to stock your kitchen (except for food). They are also a restaurant supply.

Here's how I found the store: Step 1) Dan broke my pizza stone a while ago by heating up the oven with the stone on the counter. He put a frozen pizza on it then stuck it in the oven. :::Shatter:::. We were living fine without one but Dan said he'd buy a new one. Step 2) Andrew picked up some plus-sized crescent rolls at Publix. I was going to make a taco ring. I made one a week ago and it was tough without the pizza stone. We ended up making a taco oval on a baking sheet. I knew there was no way the plus-sized taco ring would fit on my baking sheets. Step 3) I asked Dan if he knows where to get a pizza stone in Tally. He guessed Wal-Mart. After watching The High Cost of Low Price, I am making a conscious effort not to shop at WM. A quick Google search revealed that Target had a pizza stone on their website for about $13. Turns out they don't carry it in store. Instead of going to WM, I decided to look for "kitchen store" on Google Maps. I called the first place that came up and they wanted $55 for a pizza stone. Cross them off the list. The second store wanted only $14-15, so I went there. That turned out to be Brown's.

I think I could have spent $1,000 in Brown's that day if I had a gift card. I only purchased the pizza stone (Dan has yet to pay me back...maybe I should remind him), a mini mortar & pestal, and a 1L carafe. Other items I may have picked up are: knives and a magnetic knife holder (the wall-mount kind), cast-iron skillets, Vinturi, glassware, pepper grinder, utensils, and I can't even remember what else. I recommend checking it out.
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