Monday, June 18, 2007

Weird Uncle Mark Dream

Last night, I had a crazy dream about my Uncle Mark. I was at my Vero house and my parents came home with Uncle Mark...he was dead, but mobile. He could look at you and move around, but couldn't talk. He couldn't really respond to you, I guess b/c he was dead. It was kinda cool to have him around, though. I think that if I had a life-size-embalmed-dead-uncleMark hanging out, I'd put him in a spot where he would always be in the presence of fine women (or images of them). No doubt about it, he loved the hotties.

This walking-dead-guy (in a non-zombie sort of way) is even a little weirder since he was cremated. I told Whitney about my dream and she said that she's had a strikingly similar dream about her grandmother. Dude.
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