Wednesday, June 27, 2007


If I could have any superpower, I would be able to get a girl off just by looking at her right. BUT, if I was forced to have only one, it would be the ability to function normally without needing sleep.

I like sleep. I enjoy dreaming. I enjoy being able to escape reality for a little while (although the only manufactured mind-altering substance I use is alcohol). I also need my sleep. I can go for a night without much sleep and make it through the next day, but the following day is rough. I can't run a sleep deficit for more than about 8 days without boosting my chance of getting sick about 450%.

There are many things I enjoy doing besides sleeping. Any economist will tell you that there are trade-offs. I am using a scarce resource (time) to sleep and my opportunity cost is whatever else I would have been doing instead (my next-best alternative). Imagine what I could accomplish. I could be much more well-read. Maybe I would have seen that movie that you're talking about. Perhaps I could have learned how to juggle or crochet. Maybe I would make all kinds of origami. Currently, I think I would learn how to play the piano and learn Swahili...but in a few months, who knows what I would be doing with that extra time. I bet my house would be cleaner. I bet I would have better grades (or a deeper understanding of the material we cover in class).

I have a list of things I want to do before I die. Maybe I'll share it one day. And while it's impossible to run the Boston Marathon [item on the list] while I could have been sleeping, it is NOT impossible to train for the Boston Marathon during that same time interval.

I think that there are those who, if they received this power, would squander their power on video games, dope, watching paint dry, daydreaming, and promoting feminism; I would be sure to use at least half of this newfound time further developing my skillz as a person (or making money and saving it up to go on trips). **Sidenote: imagine how much punch you could pack into a week-long trip somewhere if you didn't have to sleep...I mean, you could almost not miss a beat if you could do work remotely at night.**

Overall, I can't think of a better superpower...even after living with Nick for a few months.
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