Saturday, June 16, 2007

No More Teaching

I gave my final exam today. I was lucky enough to get the scantrons to the testing center soon enough to get them back by 3:30 (which ended up being about 3:50). Anyhow, I graded all the short answers and got the scantron results back...I decided not to leave school until all my grades were in. I got everyone's grade posted to Blackboard and so that it shows up on their transcript. Overall, my class was pretty good. I had a few students express warm sentiments at the end of their exam today. That was nice to hear.

I'm glad that teaching's over. I have a midterm on Monday (damn, I need to study more for it) and a project proposal due Friday. I need to work on those things, sure, but I REALLY need to get back into this prelim studying thing. I would like to take about 3 hours a day to set aside for that purpose and hopefully end up using some of my non-allocated time to study for prelims. I need to pass those things on the first go-round. I hope that I'll just use the time that I was teaching to study. That's the plan. Let's hope it works.
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