Sunday, February 11, 2007


Warning: talk of excrement in this post.

I hate it when my pee splashes out of the toilet. Actually, I don't know if it's the pee or if the force of the stream causes water to splash out of the bowl. Either way, it's a little gross when it comes out & lands on you. Not as bad when it lands on the rim of the toilet. I wish I could figure out how to keep my pee from making splashes, but nothing seems to work. You can aim for the middle of the water or the sides or back of the bowl above the water level. You can impart extra force or try to pee slowly. Nothing consistently works.

What's even worse is when this happens at a urinal. As if a public toilet wasn't bad enough, you get some serious splashback off of a urinal's porcelain sometimes. One solution to this is sometimes feasible...stand back farther, out of the splash range...but you can't always do that. Sometimes, I think urinals splash less if you aim for the small pool of water in the bottom.

Maybe even grosser than the pee splash is the poop splash. Especially if the water is already a bit soiled. I think the poop splash is worse because the volume of water in the splash is larger...and it's more likely to have non-pristine water when you get a poop splash than a pee splash.

If anyone has a splash-stopping trick that they think works consistently, let me know about it. Stay dry.
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