Wednesday, February 28, 2007

40g of Protein in a Bottle

So, yesterday after my swim workout, I got on the scale in the locker room and it said I weigh 135 pounds! That's at LEAST 10 pounds TOO light. I told Glenn. He suggested that I might have worms. Kind of scary to think about. Parasites devouring my body mass.

Good news: Today Glenn reminded me that the scale in the locker room is says different things if you stand on the front or the back or wherever else. I bought a scale today. Much to my relief, I weigh 150 lbs. That notwithstanding, I bought some protein powder to supplement my daily caloric intake. It seems like I just can't eat enough. Dude at GNC told me I should take 3 shakes daily. I spent a couple extra bucks and bought stuff that doesn't taste like red-hot monkey anus.

I'm not trying to bulk up, but if I could get 5 more pounds, I don't even care if they come before the triathlon.
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