Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rudy Project Zyon Review Update

I've had my Zyons (available in other colors) for about 5 years now and I wear them almost every day.  I trained with them through an Ironman and I commute in them.  You can adjust the temple tips to fit your head snugly; I have worn them on a jet ski (with the floating "sailing" attachment) and on roller coasters.  They are super adjustable.  I turn them in to "prescription sunglasses" when I'm driving by putting them in front of my corrective lenses on my face.  The nose pad can adjust to make them sit at the right height for that.

A few weeks ago, the left temple tip cushion/cover broke and left the metal wire exposed which was not comfortable to wear.  I fell back on my temporary solution (old Oakley Minutes) then once I got back to Tally I sported my Rudy Project Horus glasses for a while until I ordered my replacement temple tips for only $10!

The Zyons are my first pair of polarized glasses (the Horus are also polarized) and they're great.  They don't have many scratches on them after all this time.  They don't bounce on my face when I run.  They have removable pieces you can put at the "corners" of the glasses to protect your peripheral view while deflecting road debris.

I would highly recommend these shades if you are looking for a durable pair of quality glasses to last you a long time.  If you might sit on them within the first week, then they might not be for you.

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