Thursday, June 7, 2012

Miser May Recap

So, Miser May was not as successful as Frugal February.  Total expenditure:  $1,516.40.  Large expenditures were made on: 1. my house ($345), 2. tuition ($377), 3. food/groceries ($419).  Spending outside these categories totals 375.40.

I couldn't have done much to cut back on the expenditures on tuition or my house, but I could have definitely eaten cheaper.  Eating cheap was not one of the goals of the month.  I think it might be kind of neat to incorporate that into Stingy September.

My discretionary spending was $34.50...about 3 times as much as discretionary spending in February.  My partially discretionary spending was $133.67 which is pretty high, and my overall spending was 1,516.40.  It's months where I spend about $1,500 that are the motivation for projects like this.  I'd like to end up spending around $800 and bank the rest.

Overall, pretty boring and non-interesting results.  I broke the eating out rule near the end to use a Groupon with Walker.  We ended up going over the Groupon amount and I picked up the entire tab.  He'll get me back next time.
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