Friday, June 8, 2012

Computer Problems/Chromebook

Both of my computers broke (laptop & desktop).  I tried everything I could to fix.  Erin called in a favor from a friend and my desktop is working but my laptop is toast.  I'm thinking about getting a new laptop.  I don't really need one though.  I made due with only a desktop through all of college and the first part of grad school.  If I do get one, I'm thinking about a Google Chromebook.  They're weird and way different and I don't know what to think.  I like part of the concept, but not other parts.

I think that I might get one if it had remote desktop compatible with both Windows and Ubuntu, a good way to compile LaTeX, and a bit more than 16GB on the hard drive (SSD).  I would like to have a number pad to the right of the keyboard, but understand that this is not likely to happen.  I really like that it has such a long battery life, the ability to connect to your documents no matter where you are, is made by Google, its size/weight specs, and the purported start up speed.  I'm not sure how I feel about needing to be online all the time.  As long as it's really easy to get on to wireless networks, I guess that's fine.  The 3G option sounds cool for trips in the car and whatnot.  I wonder how much a service plan would cost.  I think I could make due almost all the time with just wireless.  I read a post about a guy who bought the cheaper Wi-Fi only model and used the extra $ to turn his cell into a wireless hotspot or something like that.

If anybody has experience with Chromebooks, let me know...especially if I can come play with it.
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