Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Profiled Again

So tonight I was driving, some time after 10pm where Tharpe splits onto Blountstown and I saw 2 cop cars idling in a parking lot. Erin was following behind me (we were dropping her car off for service, not foolishly wasting gas). I saw the cop driving behind Erin. I turned on to Tennessee and the cop passed Erin and gave me the lights. I pulled over into the easternmost part of the Toyota dealership which was, after all, our destination. I turned off my ignition, turned on my dome lights, rolled down my window, killed the stereo, and put my hands on the wheel.
The officer approached, asked me to see my license, and told me that he thought my tint was a little too dark. He returned to the cruiser to run my license and grab the light transmittance detector. He asked me to roll the window up a little less than halfway. I watched him do the test. I came in at 32.5% transmittance, which is above the legal limit of 28%. I imagine the law is only for the front windows because I know my back ones are darker.
Now, the real reason I was pulled over wasn't for dark windows. It was for driving my car through a part of town where that car might mean trouble. I should attach a picture of my car some day, but it used to be an old person car and now it's a gangsta car. The windows are tinted near the legal limit, my front passenger center cap is missing, and my airbags are broken so the back of the car is up in the air, the shiny piece that goes on the doors is coming off, and it's 16 years old. I was driving the speed limit, not swerving out of my lane or anything, and I guess that's the excuse they used to pull me over. I'm not mad about it. The officer was very courteous and professional. He didn't ask me any questions that did not pertain to the tint (such as: do you have any drugs or weapons, etc). However, I have a feeling that if I was also guilty of DWB during that stop, there could have been a little more harassment...meaning that I was profiled twice: once when I was targeted to be pulled over and yet again when I was discovered to be a polite white guy without a record.
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