Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gift Bag

Shell and Jensen gave me a Christmas present in a reusable bag called a WrapSack. The idea is that instead of throwing out wrapping paper each time you give a gift, you can re-use the wrap sack. Another cool feature is that you can go online and enter what you got and from whom and the bag develops a history that everyone who has received the bag can see (possibly others could see it too??). The person who first registers the bag gets to give it a name and come up with a goal for the bag (such as: be given to the president, or be gifted on 5 continents, etc.). I guess there are a couple limitations due to the size of the bag itself, but if you're careful about who you give it to (meaning that they are people who will be sure to regift it), then it could work out to be a pretty nifty thing.
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