Monday, March 1, 2010


Jensen & Shell came to visit me this weekend. They got here on Friday night and I had a quinoa dish waiting for them. Shell and I talked about making it into a paella type thing by adding chorizo and some other meats. After downing food, we went scooped Jamie from her house and went to the Sarah Mac Band concert with Grant Peeples opening for them. After the concert, we took Jamie home then went to the Leon Pub. Met up with Jeff then walked to What-A-Burger since J&S had never been to one. Randomly ran into Sarah Mac and Charlie (the guitar player for SMB) at the fast food joint. Nightcap at home and sleepy time.

Got up Saturday a little earlier than I planned b/c the City of Tallahassee people who were planting trees in my front yard felt the need to knock on my door to tell me they were there. Unnecessary. Anyway, would have been awakened a little later by an exploding transformer. I couldn't go back to sleep so I headed out for a quick run while J&S got ready for brunch with Jeff & Jenny's Lunchbox. After brunch, we went to the open house at the National High Magnetic Fields Laboratory and saw some cool demos. Paul Stolc was there with Phyllis and P. saw Shell and yelled her name out. Random. Later on at the NHMFL open house, we ran into Sarah Mac! Ha. After NHMFL, we went to the Rez to help out with a clean up, but they were pretty much done with the work by the time we got there. We tried to go to the overlook at the capitol, but it was closed. We went to Bread & Roses to grab some quinoa so that Shell could experiment with it (and I needed some other stuff too). We got some delicious vegan chocolate chips. We drove around campus a little then went home. J drove me to the Liquor Loft to get some beer for the night in so I decided to show him Proof. Ran into Drew, Laura, and Georgia. Drew knows J. We bought some Bulleit Bourbon @ LL. I've never had it before then, but it's really good. Back home, we made pizza, drank beers, watched some comedy, and played the Worst Case Scenario board game. Stayed up late talking.

Guests left on Sunday after a big breakfast. It's nice to have company. It was such a nice day that I had to run. I ran my 100th mile of the year today. Went to dinner club @ Georgia's for some really good chili. Developed a parameterization for my experiment that gives me desirable properties.
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