Sunday, January 18, 2009

Keg Without Ice

I had a hobo themed party at my house on Friday night (bad planning on my part due to having a 30 kilometer race on Saturday morning). It was pretty cold outside, so we had a trash can fire to keep everybody warm. I think the most novel thing for me was that we never put ice on the keg. We picked it up about 3pm and it was so cold outside that we didn't need any ice. I mentioned something about the lack of ice to Tony and he said that that's nothing new to him, since he's from up north and all.

You probably know that I like my beer really cold. I wasn't disappointed. In fact, the outside temperatures were below freezing for the entire duration of the party. I was happy with the temperature of the beer. No rock salt needed (I guess rock salt is pretty much worthless without ice).

Also, not having to get ice cut the costs substantially...normally we spend about $12 on ice, but on Friday it was pretty much $60 to throw the entire party. Divided by 3 roommates gives a price of $20 each for a night of fun. I think we might have had close to 60 people throughout the night which equals out to a dollar per person. Luckily we had someone lend us the trash can for the fire.
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