Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Angelica posted a note on facebook with 25 random things about her and I'm supposed to respond, but instead of doing it on facebook and trying to tag people, etc., I'm just going to do it here. BTW, Shell & Becky R. just did the same thing.

1. I think Blue Bell makes the best mint chocolate chip ice cream ever.
2. I'm not sure if I want to be a professional economist.
3. I wish I did more pleasure reading, but I know that I'd neglect my school work if I did.
4. I'm slowly trying to get my new computer up and learn Ubuntu Linux and some open source programs that work with it.
5. I like to run on trails. Through the woods or alongside water is the best.
6. I recently vowed never to buy anything from Microsoft.
7. My farts range from odorless to rank.
8. I have at times wanted to date an Indian (dot) girl who doesn't have Indian parents.
9. My cell phone works just fine.
10. I wish I could get a "Corty" sandwich delivered straight from El Corté Inglés (a Spanish department store)
11. I'm trying to learn Swahili by using Rosetta Stone at my own pace.
12. I don't think I dream in Spanish very often anymore.
13. I like to do cryptograms, but I can never do cross-word puzzles.
14. I wish I could SCUBA dive coral reefs once a month, but that's not feasible in Tallahassee.
15. I started a compost heap about a year ago and hope to maybe plant a little vegetable (aka victory) garden.
16. I'm not scared of the current economy. In fact, I just invested in an S&P500 index mutual fund and I recommend you do the same.
17. Larry King drives me nuts.
18. I would love to go into space, but I'm not bad-ass enough to be an astronaut...maybe I'll have to settle for Virgin Galactic.
19. I really miss the community I had while living in the dorms.
20. I like getting to fix things that break at my house.
21. It feels good to make my gums bleed by flossing hard.
22. I think my ideal schedule would be to wake up around noon and go to bed about 3.
23. I've been slacking on my blog lately and think I might be running out of things to say.
24. I used to HATE the feeling of a cotton ball between my fingers.
25. I wonder how many people I've met will become famous one day.
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