Thursday, October 16, 2008


Remember that kitten I got for Sarah? Isn't he cute? We took him to the vet on Tuesday and found out that he has roundworm and hookworm. He came back negative for kitty-aids & kitty-leukemia. We gave him a few shots. He has to go back in 3 weeks. I think then he'll get the rabies vaccine. After that, he's got to get fixed and I think that he should be microchipped. I told Sarah that I'd pay half the cost of microchipping.

I'm not much of a cat person, but Watson thinks that he's a dog so we are friends. I could probably teach him to fetch if I had enough patience. Sometimes, I think he likes me better than his mommy. It was pretty much by chance that I saw him in an adoptable setting and I'm glad that Karen hooked it up.

You know you're jealous of how cute he is.
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