Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Dream Team

I was thinking about the following problem: what if you had to pick a group of people (aka "team") with whom to be stranded on a deserted island or sent into space with or forced into the wilderness or pretty much any situation. I took about 5 minutes and decided to pick 10 people who I would enlist to be in that group. Restrictions on who I can pick are: must be someone I know well enough to make the request to be on my team and must be living (e.g. can't pick Plato or Tesla; Gates or Sachs).

Some members have a specific talent for the group and others are more diversified players. Don't feel left out if you aren't on the list. I obviously can't list the excellent qualities about everyone, but here's my initial thoughts on what the team members might be asked to do:

Roster (in no particular order):
1. M. Cable - all things science, crawling into small spaces
2. A. Snodgress - Eagle Scout stuff, heavy lifting, medicine
3. S. David - keep all other team members from negative thoughts/acts toward each other
4. Mike D. - lend music to our world, brainstorm
5. C. Maniscalco - creative problem solving, more Eagle Scout stuff, break any laws necessary
6. D. Shiner - all things computer or fire
7. D. White - philosopher, translator (proficiency in 8 languages)
8. P. McCurdy - anything nautical
9. M. Selby - animals
10. P. Arce-Trigatti - laughing, empanadas, more music

I may add more notes later.
interesting that 7 out of 10 came from the HC. Exceptions: #2, 3 & 10.
9 have athletics background (maybe #4 does too, but I never knew about it)
all have big brains, a large set of talents, like to have a good time, and can work on the same thing for a long time (only applies to #5 for things he's interested in).
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