Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Single Issue Voter

I'm still undecided as to who I'm voting for in two weeks. I prefer Obama on most issues, but a couple weeks ago, my mom made me think about whether I want to turn into a single issue voter. I think that Obama has a better economic advisor and a better understanding of the economy. I don't like the fact that both candidates support "clean" coal, but I guess that cancels out. I like Obama's more hands-off approach to dealing with individuals' personal lives.

What started me on the single issue idea was a mailer sent out by the NRA about how Obama is anti-gun. Granted, I don't agree with the NRA on all issues...for instance, I am definitely for a waiting period and a background check when buying firearms. I have nothing against traceable bullets. I don't agree with Obama's anti-assault rifle mentality, but that wouldn't be a deal breaker. However, I do firmly believe in Florida's castle doctrine (you can shoot anybody who breaks into your house, no questions asked) and I have a concealed carry permit. I know that Obama is not for the concealed carry laws (which is a big issue for me) and that he's against the castle doctrine (a huge issue for me).

I don't know if Obama will accomplish his anti-gun agenda, and I don't know how important it is to him. I do think that he can have better relationships with foreign leaders, mostly because he doesn't have that smirk that I want to punch off McCain's face.
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