Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beer Mile

Some of my friends and I just did a "beer mile," which is where you go to a track and do 4 x (drink a beer, then run a lap). Tommy won, followed by Erik, then myself. Our times were lame. Tommy barely broke 10 minutes, Erik right around 10, me at 15 (I had to run a penalty lap for throwing up). Ya, on my 4th beer, I had to puke. I felt it coming while running the third lap. Think: 4 beers in about 10 minutes while shaking it up with a mile's worth of running. Sounds like fun, and it is...only while it's funny to laugh at other people being miserable, you have to be in the same boat.

We might turn this into a monthly event. If we get ambitious, maybe even a grand prix series! Andrew said that some of the guys he used to run with would do 12 12s, which is where you chug a beer, then run a 1200m and repeat 11 times. That's a total of 8 miles and 12 beers! I'm definitely not up to that level yet. Maybe next time I'll break 12 minutes...I just need to avoid the penalty lap and chug my beers faster.

I started off with a slow chug (trying to pace myself) of about 30 seconds, but I was the first to cross the line for the first lap...second lap not so bad. After the third beer, things just started going downhill.
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