Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Year's Changes

Man, a lot has changed since this time last year. I had a triathlon meeting tonight and I was thinking back to when I decided to try the first triathlon race. This time last year, I was training without really knowing what to expect. Right now, I wish I was training like that, but I'm nursing my wrists. Since this time last year, I completed a couple triathlons, joined the FSU team, made new friends, and bought a lot of equipment. You wouldn't believe how expensive this sport is. Anyway between March and October, I was able to knock over 10 minutes off my sprint-distance triathlon time. I was planning on knocking off even more for Red Hills this year, but we'll just have to see how I heal up and what the doctor clears me to do physically. I imagine that a lot will change between now and a year from now...

This year on the school front, I was starting my second semester as a graduate student and expecting the worst. I had prelims coming up in a couple months (closer to 7) and I wanted to stay at the top of my game. Luckily, I studied really hard the second half of summer and passed both the tests.

On the family front, Uncle Mark had just died and there were all kinds of things going on with that. Now my immediate family has 2 dogs instead of one and we were all reminded of our own mortality.

On the house front, Neil was living with me and Nick hadn't moved in yet. Nick reminds me that I didn't start throwing parties until he moved in. Wow. If you only made it to Top Shelf, you didn't get a representative sample of our normally-way-better-than-average parties. Andrew moved in at the beginning of the fall semester. I had my bathroom flood and lights stop working and I kicked a huge hole in the wall.

On a personal level, at the very end of last year, I broke my wrists, giving me a few new life-experiences like casting and surgery and inability to make myself move like I should. A few people, like so many equations, have came into and out of my life. I was able to train really hard during last fall and get in great shape. I got to read some books I've been meaning to forever and I started watching TV when I had a light course load in the fall. I'm going to try to get that TV monkey off my back this semester.

It's pretty crazy what can happen in a year. You look back and it seems like just yesterday these things were happening. I feel The Shins hit the nail on the head when they sing "the years have been short but the days were long."
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