Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Valentine's Day Massacre

In keeping with tradition, I'm going to post on my blog that we're having a party at my house on Feb. 8 themed: Valentine's Day Massacre (subtitled on Facebook: come red). Umm, basically it's the same thing as our other parties. We'll have a keg of Killian's Irish Red, keeping with the theme. I'm asking that people bring $3 to cover the cost of throwing the party. I've come up with a new game...the Beer Triathlon. It parallels a real triathlon like this:

Swim: chug out of a plastic cup
T1: flip cup
Bike: shots of beer (I'm thinking 4 shots, to be taken in succession)
T2: make a ping pong ball into a beer-pong configuration of 6 cups
Run: shotgun a can of beer.

First one to slam down the empty beer can is the winner. It is a race. Not to be played consecutively by the same individual.
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