Sunday, November 19, 2006

Newfound Skills

So it seems that I have acquired the ability to do some new things this semester. I can solve a macroeconomic model (in continuous time, at least...still working of discrete time methods), make sense of matricies (for the most part), fix things when they break in my house (even if I've never done it before), score a goal at the pick-up soccer game (well, it doesn't happen every time), tolerate the cold (better than before), write a coherent proof (if I understand the space I'm working in and know enough to start with), save money (even though I'm spending more than I ever have before), deal with coming home to an empty house (most of the time), cook (ok, most of the time I just mix things together and heat them up, but I can make some pretty incredibly tasty vittles when I have time).

Kind of interesting how I have been able to pick up on all this stuff. At times, I feel like I'm slacking. Like I'm not giving enough effort to my economics program. Like I could be so much better at life. Maybe I could. I wonder if it's that I lack the drive, like some of my motivation's been left somewhere. Maybe I'll find it over the winter break.

I think I'm straddling the border between the "real world" and the familiar scholastic setting. It's kind of like standing on the equator: you can be in two hemispheres and not feel any different than you ever have before...but you're occupying space that is somehow unique.
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