Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Because I can control what happens in my house, I am trying to be eco-friendly. It's something that I support in theory, and now I have an opportunity to support it in practice.

The other day I saw the FSU ESP (Environmental Service Program) out at a tent at FSU "raising awareness" during recycling week. They handed me a couple of flyers with suggestions of how you can be better for the environment. I had already taken all the actions that were printed on one flyer. I'm probably forgetting some of the stuff I do, but here's a pretty decent list:

Most of the furniture in my house was salvaged from back rooms in houses of people who were not using it.
I've cut back on my meat consumption (but mostly for financial reasons and time constraints).
I replaced 20 bulbs in my house with the spiral incandescent ones.
Got a blanket for my water heater.
Try not to run the AC/heat very much.
Take navy showers (most of the time) like I always have.
Bike to/from school (I haven't driven my car to class one day this semester!) and occasionally to something else like a party, soccer, or an event on campus.
Hang clothes out on clothesline to dry instead of using dryer (when the weather cooperates)
Buy recycled: rugs (ya, they make good presents too), clothesline, hangers,
Reuse: yogurt cups are good at holding leftovers, brown bags for lunches can be reused for weeks, paper

After I get a second roommate (translated as more money), I'm going to sign up with a program that the City of Tallahassee Utilities department has where I can get 450 KWh of electricity each month from renewable sources for only $10/month. Once again, something I support in theory, so I might as well contribute to it in reality just as soon as I can.
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