Sunday, February 3, 2013

Frugal February, Days 1 & 2

I made a spreadsheet so you can follow along with my expenditures this month.  I didn't spend any money on the opening day of the month.

I got up really early on Feb. 1 to take a job candidate out to lunch.  It was freezing (probably wind chill in the high 20s) for the bike ride.  I forgot my wallet at home and had to turn around from about 4 minutes away (adding about 8-9 minutes to my trip).  I also had a wardrobe malfunction with the zipper of my windbreaker being stuck in the up position.  I was really sweaty when I got to campus.  I cooled off really fast.  We had breakfast at the hotel.  I ordered an "Eggs Tallahassee" or something like that with Tallahassee in the name.  It was good.  I had a parfait on the side.  This meal was paid for by the job search committee.

On Feb. 2, I got up, went for a run, went to school, and spent $30.20 at Club Publix.  Turns out that they close at 11pm now!

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