Thursday, February 21, 2013

Frugal February Catch Up

On Feb. 13, I bought bananas for $1.28 and some battery goop for $2.99.
On 2/14, I bought and a battery terminal head for $4.39 because my old one had broken.  I had planned on having a milkshake with Erin on Valentine's Day so I stopped by Arby's and spent $3.11 on a peppermint shake and drank it by a nearby retention pond...there were so many birds around there it was incredible.  I might have to go back and visit again, maybe on a run.
I went to Jimmy John's on the night of Feb. 15 because I had a coupon for a free sub.  I paid $1.08 to upgrade to a bigger sub.  My justification is that I would have spent at least that much money making something for myself at home.
I spent $13.12 of my own money at Publix on the 16th in addition to using a $25 gift card.

No expenditure from Feb. 17-Feb20...but I did use a nearly expired groupon for a pizza on the 20th.

I was able to negotiate a lower bill with Comcast.  It used to be $93/month and I'm on a 6 month promotion right now at $77.50.  I paid my share of that today.  I will be going to a chiropractor on campus because my back hurts in the place where you can't scratch it.  I feel like it needs a good pop.  It's one of those things that gets irritated if I move my arm or neck the wrong way so probably best to nip it in the bud.

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