Friday, July 20, 2012

Zeo First Night

I got a Zeo Mobile from Groupon.  I'm hoping to use it to get better sleep and maybe more time in my day.  There's an alarm feature where you can let it wake you up to 40 minutes before your alarm is scheduled to go off if you're in the right part of your sleep cycle.  That way you can get more time in your day and feel better!  Totally worth $44 if that works, right?  There's also a website that goes with it where you can track your data.  You can enter things in there such as how you feel and how much caffeine or alcohol you consumed, etc.  I think there's a way where I can add my own variable such as #miles_ran.  

The image is my output from the first night of use.  It took me 19 minutes to fall asleep.  It would be awesome if I could train that down to under 5 minutes.  I think there are a lot of possibilities.  The whole system is pretty high-tech which has its ups and downs, but so far the UI has been pretty friendly and I'm excited to see where I can take this.

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