Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jacked July Day 2

I've been traveling a lot this month and not sticking with my jacked project.  I'm not so motivated for it and that combined with my lack of a regular environment has contributed to me slacking.  Also, I can't get in to the student gym at school without paying I might end up starting to lift in August after the semester starts.

I went rock climbing yesterday at the indoor gym.   I only lasted about an hour, including rests.  I was able to climb the V1 routes on the first try and I was working on a couple V1+ routes, so I'm not too far behind the skill level I used to have.  Unfortunately, my hands have lost all their callouses and I had to tape my pinkies about halfway in to the session.  I think I'll try to go regularly on half-price Wednesdays.

One thing I don't have an excuse for is slacking on the push ups, pull ups, and sit ups.  I can do those anywhere (well, maybe not the pull ups).  I had been feeling fatigued, especially a few days after giving blood.  I think this is a reality check showing me that I can definitely be a slacker sometimes, no matter what I think of myself.

update:  5:13pm:  I walked over to the gym today and I CAN get in!  I guess that means I'll have to start going next week for realz.
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