Monday, May 14, 2012

Miser May Week 2 Update

Oh boy, this is not going as planned.  I've spent almost $1,000 and the month's not even half over.  Only about $300 of it was not related to maintenance on my house or tuition or teaching.  That's still an average of about $20/day.  Although that average includes food, it's still pretty high.  Excluding food gives expenditure around $60.00 if you don't count Netflix.  That number looks a little better.  I wish it was my total.

I'm hoping that Stingy September will allow me to do another really good month like February where I really save a lot (that means putting money into a savings account).  I'm still going to have to spend at least another $150 to get the bathtub leak under control.  The problem is in a confined space that I don't have the tools to work in so I had to hire someone.  The tight space would undoubtedly try my patience as well.

I still have utilities to look forward to near the 23rd.  If I eat cheaply for the rest of the month and don't have any other big repairs to do, then I can hopefully drop my average a good deal.
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