Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jacked July?

I just had an idea for another month long self-improvement project called Jacked July.  The premise is that I'll do more strength training (and get jacked).  The goal is to have a nice ripply 6-pack at the end of the month and to finally get back in the gym lifting.  I'd like to see a strength gain by the end of the month.  Maybe get up above 20 dips again (not sure how many I can do right now).  A goal of 15 pull ups at once sounds reasonable.  Perhaps a weight gain of 5-10 pounds.  Maybe that's asking a bit much on the weight.  DOING STRENGTH TRAINING DOES NOT REQUIRE ME TO GO TO THE GYM AND "LIFT WEIGHTS."  A day spent moving furniture or rock climbing would count.

I need help coming up with rules, so please help me out.  I think that first and foremost is the emphasis on strength training.  I think that 4-5 days of lifting or lift-substitute per week would be good.  I can also crank up the intensity on my running.  I won't change my bicycle commute, but will do some intense bike training rides.  I can also get in some good swims going for speed instead of distance.  I will allow myself one off-day per week.

I'm thinking that if I really want to get jacked, then I need to also eat a better diet.  I may want to cut way back on ice cream and soda, eliminate fast food (like on Saturdays at the bike shop) and junk like: chips, hot dogs, mac & cheese, etc. while increasing intake of fruits & veggies and quality protein.

I may also abstain from alcohol, but maybe not...might switch from beer to hard liquor (not mixed with soda).  This month isn't about being "healthy" but rather getting jacked.  My legs don't need much work, so I'll probably only focus on them during one weight lifting session during the week.  I'll have a back/biceps day and a chest/triceps day and I'll alternate them.  I won't do the same machines every b/b day or every c/t day.

Once again, please help me out with guidelines.  I'd also appreciate ideas on what metrics to track (spending is pretty straightforward).
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