Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bike Polo

I played bike polo for the first time on Friday after Critical Mass. It's interesting. I crashed a couple times. I guess that's why some people have polo-specific bikes (so you don't mess up your everyday bike). I might try to rescue an old bike that's falling apart in my parents' yard and it could get turned into a polo bike. I don't know how often I'll play, but probably more often if I had a good bike for it.

The basic rules (as I understand them) are:
1. don't put your foot down on the ground or you have to go out of bounds at center court and touch the boundary before you can touch the ball again
2. to score a goal, you have to use the skinny (circular) end of a croquet-mallet shaped mallet.
It helps if you've got to have pretty good control of your bike on top of hand-eye coordination and the ability to look at your surroundings while handling a ball on the ground.
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