Friday, January 8, 2010

Candelabra Bases Only

I was at Lowe's looking at ceiling fan light kits and noticed a while back that they were making candelabra base kits instead of medium base kits. The medium bases were getting phased out. Back then candelabra base CFLs were really expensive. I wondered why anyone would want to buy the candelabra base kit when that means that they'd have to keep special bulbs around just to put in their ceiling fan's light kit.

Just this week, I was looking at ceiling fan light kits again and I couldn't find a single medium base kit. Found the reason why: government regulation. It's kind of stupid...because of the way they define ceiling fan, none of the fans in my house would be subject to the regulation...apparently it's not a "ceiling fan" unless it's mounted with a down rod. The reason I can't get medium base light kits for my fans is because the light kits for my fans are compatible with other fans that are installed with down rods (and my fans came with the option for a down rod).
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