Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why Delta's Baggage Policy Doesn't Make Sense

I just finished packing my suitcase for Prague and decided to weigh it. 65 lb. Delta's baggage weight limit for European flights is 50lb/bag. Otherwise you are assessed a fee of $150 for baggage between 51-70lb...EACH WAY!!! Not to mention that my bag exceeded the 62 linear inches allowed...it was 64 linear inches. The fee for oversize baggage is $175 EACH WAY! On my $800 ticket, I could have ended up paying an extra $650 in fees!!!

Instead, Delta will charge $50 each way for me to take a second bag on the plane. {{WAIT...I just looked and because of when I purchased my ticket and the dates of my flights, the second bag is free!!!!!!!!}} Well, my empty suitcase weighs 15lb. Now instead of one 65lb bag, they have 2 x 40lb bags. Plus, the second bag is 57 linear inches! Note: when I remove some baggage from the big bag, I get it down to the allowed 62 linear inches. So, I'll maybe pay an extra $100 for bringing on a second bag. It's cheaper for me to bring on more weight and take up more space. WTF?

It's not like their employees can't lift 65lb. In fact, members of the military can check bags weighing up to 100lb.

I really wanted to take just one bag. It's a lot easier that way. Bam. Done. One bag. Delta's messing up my simplicity. On top of that, the first bag was packed tightly. Now there's a lot more space in the bags and things can move around more so they'll definitely get jostled.
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