Thursday, July 10, 2008


I started a free trial with Netflix and it's pretty cool. I'm getting the 3-at-a-time deal where I can get up to 27 movies per month on DVD and stream as many movies as I can. They're really fast on the turn-around. I get a movie, watch it, put it in the mail the next day, Netflix gets it the next day and mails me the next movie I want, then I get that movie on the third day. Since I have a 3-at-a-time program, this means I can watch one movie a day (except Sundays since the mail doesn't run).

The cost of this type of membership is $17/month...but I'm going to split it with my roommates so we each pay $6 and get to have one of those 3 movies.

I got a damaged copy of Hotel Rwanda and I just sent it back, no questions asked. Their user interface is really awesome and there's an adaptive suggestion system. I would definitely recommend that you check out their free trial offer.
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