Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Skid Marks

I just got 5 new tires last week (and a new front suspension). My car is getting more love while I'm home, but I'll not bore you with the details. Also know that my ABS is not working, but should be getting fixed later this week.

H0-kay, so, I was in Ft. Myers for Angelica's wedding and had 6 people in my car (of course, Jana had to ride bitch out of necessity) and I was cruising at about 58mph when I'm close enough to a green light that turns yellow. I was about to gun the engine to beat the light, but then I saw an oncoming motorcycle turning left across my path, so I had to brake instead. I locked up my wheels and made a pretty good skid mark. I was unhappy a) that my ABS is broken (but I didn't slide) and b) that I may have just damaged my brand new tires. Why did b) cross my mind? Because Beerman just got done telling a story about some skid marks left on I-95 by his roommate.

B's roommate was going 110mph down I-95 and went to change lanes from the rightmost lane into the middle lane but noticed that another car was too close so he pulled back into the right lane, over corrected and put the car into a spin. On the way back from Ft. Myers, we took the long way so that we could see the skid marks. They were like interwoven Xs. I've never seen anything like it. Wish I had a picture.
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