Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good v. Evil Tow Truck Drivers

I used to like tow truck drivers. They came and got me when the Olds overheated or when Brown wouldn't start or when I broke down. They were friendly and took me somewhere I needed to go.

Since I moved to Tally, I've met a new breed of tow truck drivers: the malicious ones. They prowl parking premeses perusing plates & permits, picking out those cars that don't belong. They quickly take the cars to an impound, unsolicited from the owner of the vehicle. Many people walk back to where their car was parked and can't find it (they're all like "I know I didn't get that drunk").

So, here's a quick anecdote about how evil tow truck drivers can F* with you...
I agreed to make a trip to Ormond Beach with Sarah this weekend because her sister's graduating high school and Sarah wants me to meet more of her family. I stayed over at her place on Friday night. I didn't get a visitor spot when I came in, so I parked in the front lot. The catch is that you have to be out of that lot by 7am or they tow you. I went to move my car about 3am or 3:30 but all the visitor spots were still full (I expected people to come back from the clubs and move their cars). I was about to resign myself to letting Sarah get up at about 6:45 to move my car into a visitor spot, so I started walking back to her apartment on the other side of the complex when I saw someone walking out of a building toward the visitor spots. I jogged to catch up to him and asked if he was in a visitor spot. He replied in the affirmative and I was about to get my car to shark his space...BUT, he was in the same lot I was in...didn't do me any good. I go back inside and go to sleep, making sure there's an alarm set for 6:45 am. It goes off and I tell Sarah to get up and move my car, presumably into an empty visitor spot. There weren't any empty visitor spots. She drove back to her building and parked my car in front of it and came to get me...turns out that you can't park inside the complex until 8am unless you're a resident or your car's in a visiter spot. So, in that hour between 7 and 8, they tow a $h*+ ton of people. In order to evade towage, we had to drive my car to my friggin house! Those bastardly evil tow truck drivers are emotionless pricks who thrive on the suffering of others. Fuck them.
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