Friday, November 16, 2007

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Nick asked last week if it would be possible to make your own M&Ms. I think not. "Then what about Reese's?" Me: "I don't know, maybe." I talked to a couple people about it and we decided that we would melt down chocolate, pour it into cupcake wrappers, coat the sides with chocolate, freeze it to let it harden up, melt peanut butter, pour it in, freeze again, then top with more melted chocolate. At first I thought that we might have a problem of the layers separating. That didn't happen. They turned out pretty good.

Nick contends that we should open a restaurant. As an economist, I see that a small-scale operation based out of the house where the patrons were, umm, the people who live here, umm, would be a good idea. It is nice that with some good cooking skills, you can make a meal at home that's just as good as something you would get out at a nice restaurant for under half the price. The downside is cleanup.

In my opinion, my roommates and I are good cooks at least 85% of the time that we try. I think that the 15% failure rate is good because it means that we're trying new things and moving outside our comfort zone. Also, let me clarify that (re)heating something does not constitute cooking. Also not cooking if it comes out of a box. Normally not cooking if it goes in the microwave (unless this is a prep step or a time-saving shortcut that replaces part of the time on the stove or in the oven). It's not cooking unless you vigorously mix something then cook it until it changes consistency; chop something up; expose food to high temperatures; kill the animal or pick the fruit/vegetables yourself; ...I think you get my point.
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