Sunday, May 6, 2007

Free Comic Book Day

Thee first Saturday in May is "Free Comic Book day" and I went with Nick to the 4 comic book stores in Tally to get free comics / posters...It was kinda cool...I have never before been in a comic book shop and I got to see a side of geekdom that I've never before experienced. They also had games...I thought about getting Settlers of Catan, but it was $38 everywhere we went...a major drawback is that you need 3-4 players for that game...2 doesn't work.
I ended up with a couple free comic books (rated 18 years +) and a poster of the Fantastic Four (who are they??? I dunno).

I mentioned how there must be a lot of comic book geeks for Tally to support 4 comic book stores. Nick mentioned how the major bookstores like B&N and Waldenbooks sell graphic novels, thus providing another level of competition with the local stores.

Nick knows the people who work in all of these shops. In fact, I think he was just in all of them last week giving them syllabi for his class coming up in the summer.

The coolest thing I saw on this adventure was a dude decked out in a Storm Trooper outfit at the second shop we hit up. Totally looked authentic, but it was home-made.
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