Thursday, May 10, 2007

First Day Teaching went way different than expected. I wasn't nervous last night like people said I should be. Butterflies took off only about 15-20 minutes before class started. To compound that, Calhoun was sitting in on my class. The system was down so I couldn't print my roster and "call" roll to match names with faces. The computer stuff went way faster than expected. I ended up jumping into the math/graphing review. I let them out after 50 minutes (in a 75 minute class).

I was shaken after class. I felt like I did a crappy job. I forgot to highlight a few aspects of the syllabus. Maybe I should have started with an intro into "what is econ" before the math/graphing review.

I think that tomorrow I'll be a little more at ease, and probably have my personality showing through by early next week. Hopefully I can develop a sense of dialog in the classroom where the students aren't afraid to comment/ask questions.
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