Saturday, April 7, 2007

Church on Easter (and Christmas)

So, if I was forced to go to 50 weekly church services out of the year, I would skip Easter and Christmas. Some people only go fact, there are so many of those people that churches get super crowded on those days. I wonder why that's when people choose to go. I mean, those 2 services are the same year after year. You already know what's going to be said before you even get there.

I've heard the Easter story and the Christmas story many more times than I've heard about Daniel in the lion's den. All 3 of them are good stories, but I'm probably a little rusty on the details of that last one.

I guess it's not the right attitude to have, but I don't really like all the interlopers that show up on those two days to my church. I haven't been going to church in T-town, so I'm surely not going to start on an outsider overload day.
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