Saturday, April 14, 2007

Best Night in a Long Time

Last night was pretty incredible. I came home from school, took a nap (turns out the nap was very important), and went to pick up Ashley for the FSU Circus. The call the FSUC the "Greatest Collegiate Show on Earth." It wasn't professional, and there were a couple errors made by the performers, but I think they did a fantabulous job. After the circus, we stopped by the baseball game across the street in time to catch the final out of the game with FSU winning 14-2. Then we walked around campus. Saw the picture of the streaker guy. Went to the union to check out the artwork and they were having Casino Night! I played roulette and taught Ashley how. We were both winning bigtime when her phone rang. Danielle said that she was locked out. I was having such a good time that it didn't matter that we had to leave. Ashley and I gave our chips to the guy next to us (who really appreciated it) then took off. When we got to her place, she opened the door to a dark suite and then turned on the light and

SURPRISE! A birthday party for me. I just laughed. I was planning on studying. That didn't happen. There were a good bunch of people there. I feel loved.
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