Monday, March 25, 2013

iPhone Problems

So, my next phone is going to be a Samsung Galaxy S4.  Business Insider wrote an article called 10 reasons why the Galaxy S4 is better than the iPhone5.

I would like to add another reason why iPhones are lacking in function:  they don't use Swype technology.  I've been using Swype ever since I got my HTC Evo 4g and it changed my life.  Well, it lets my type faster on my phone...  I downloaded SwiftKey (which ships with the Galaxy S4) today which is a variation on the swype technology.  It has much better word prediction and autocorrect.  SwiftKey states that Apple will not allow users to install the SwiftKey app even though SwiftKey is compatible with the hardware and software because they do not allow third parties to change the appearance of the keyboard.  This is a case of Apple trying to micromanage their users' experience by locking out certain features.  This really frustrated me when I was trying to back up my girlfriend's pictures.

Let me add another reason iPhones aren't as good as Android devices, but I'll let you disagree with this one. iPhones use a proprietary charger/data transfer cord.  Micro USB has become the de facto standard on other phones and is compatible with many other devices such as bicycle head/tail lights.  That being said, there is a definite speed and double-sidedness advantage to the Lightning cable.
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